Waxahachie Prep - An Accredited Education

The Mission of WPA

Waxahachie Preparatory Academy, a University-Model® School, partners with parents to prepare students for college through exceptional academics, quality extra-curricular activities, and purposeful development of Christlike character.

NAUMS Certified


WPA is a charter member of NAUMS, the National Association of University-Model® Schools. NAUMS, Inc., a distinctly Christian organization, was established in 2002, to promote the unique education model of partnering with parents and educators. NAUMS provides support and assistance to existing and developing University-Model® Schools (UMS), through membership, certification, and continuing development via semi-annual seminars, conferences, and on-site training.

NAUMS gained US Patent and Trademark certified status of their “University-Model®" School program in January, 2003, entitling NAUMS members to all the rights and privileges associated with the organization. To support the standards of this trademark, NAUMS mandates all prospective member schools to undergo an extensive certification process which validates all educational and organizational areas of the school. Certification standards required include foundation polices, such as mission statement and guiding principles; admissions and staff/student policies; character development and curriculum requirements; and basic business and financial prerequisites.

WPA gained the NAUMS Certification status on May 7, 2004. The school has been an active member of the NAUMS organization, benefiting from valuable corporate and member school associations, as well as providing supportive assistance to those entities.

CITA/SACS CASI Accreditation


In the spring of 2006, WPA recognized the need for pursuing a broader validation of its education and business model. With increases in high school student population, and a graduating class on the horizon, the school entered the next phase of school development by applying for accreditation with CITA, The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation. Committed to advancing the quality of education via accreditation, CITA is a consortium of educational accrediting agencies and has validated over 32,000 public and private educational organizations in over 100 countries.

CITA’s accreditation program evaluates all aspects of a school’s infrastructure through adherence to education and business standards and by requiring each candidate school to conduct an extensive self-study assessment protocol. Areas of evaluation cover the school’s educational services; curriculum, student progress and assessment tool evaluation; staff and student policies and procedures; facility and business model practices; and other education-related matters. Additionally, the school produces a self-study analysis and response timeline for implementation of improvements. Accreditation is granted via an on-site review and recommendation of CITA team members. Annual updates and three-and five-year supplementary reviews ensure the school’s adherence to its school improvement plan.

WPA applied for CITA accreditation candidate status on November 9, 2006. Over the next 15 months, WPA provided support to standards, gathered pertinent survey data, and analyzed its education and business model, producing a quantifiable self-study and school improvement plan. After a two-day on-site review in January, 2008, WPA gained the prestigious accredited status from CITA in February, 2008.

In 2009, AdvancED acquired CITA and became the world's largest education community as the global leader in advancing education excellence through accreditation and school improvement. In spring 2013, WPA was reaccredited through AdvancED, validating WPA's commitment to academic excellence and dedicaton to student performance. WPA continues to make great strides in developing a 21st century quality campus supported by state-of-the-art educational technology.