Student Activites

Student Government

The ninth grade leadership academy meets throughout the school year to discuss leadership topics, life issues, and to prepare students for leadership roles in the student government. The high school teachers nominate students for student government, and then the student body elects a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and student council. The council meets twice a month, planning activities and ministries in which the entire student body may participate



There are many opportunities for WPA families to get together for fellowship and events. The families at WPA are close knit and enjoy one another’s company at fundraisers and athletic events. Along with these events, we enjoy a fall family picnic at the beginning of the school year. This social is a good time for students, parents, faculty and staff to get to know one another. Along with our wide variety of classes and academic and fine arts competitions, we offer Math Pentathlon every week for the elementary students.

Field Trips

Each grade level has a representative, usually one of the mothers that has a child in that grade. The representative plans at least two field trips during the school year. For example, the third grade class went to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth. These trips are all parent-driven and do not interfere with class time.



BizWorld Program

WPA offers our 6th grade class a project-based program called BizWorld, whose mission is to challenge and engage children through experiential learning programs that teach the basics of business, entrepreneurship and money management, and promote teamwork and leadership in the classroom. 




BizWorld gives students the opportunity to start and run their own friendship bracelet companies.  Students learn the basics of business, entrepreneurship, economics and money management as they engage in activities that reinforce math skills.  BizWorld emphasizes the values of teamwork, cooperation and communication.