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Elementary Academic Dean

Each student in the elementary school at WPA is celebrated as a unique child of God with specific gifts and talents. Our students are full of confidence and enthusiasm because they are encouraged to do their best with God’s help. WPA students develop a strong work ethic and effective study habits which enable them to be successful in our rigorous academics. Our emphasis on character development based on a biblical worldview encourages each student to honor the Lord in their attitudes and actions. Please join us in this exciting adventure as we prepare students to make this world a better place by using their gifts and talents to honor the Lord and to love and respect one another. 

Beth Rogers - Elementary Academic Dean

Secondary Academic Dean

Since we are a college preparatory school, our desire is to make entrance into college as seamless as possible.  This is accomplished because of our rigorous course offerings, our emphasis on developing the independent learner through time management, and our desire to develop students spiritually equipped to enter not only college life but the world in general. Critical thinking skills and collaboration are employed in the classroom, along with various research methodologies. The curriculum is evaluated annually for relevance and effectiveness. All these factors help produce SAT and ACT scores above the state and local levels, helping to assure our students entrance into the  college of their choice.

Lynette Green - Secondary Academic Dean