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Prayer at WPA

Our prayer ministry overall calls us to remember our dependence on God as the giver and sustainer of all we do. We humbly recognize that without His work and calling in and through our lives, nothing of importance is accomplished. Our desire is to seek Him and His will in all that we do and call every part of our school to join us in this desire.
•   Prayer in Classrooms – Every class, every day starts with prayer. In athletics, every practice ends with prayer and every athletic competition starts with prayer.
•    Partners in Prayer – This ministry breaks down the school day into time segments.  Families, teachers, and staff sign-up for times throughout the day to pray so that every day, the entire day – from start to finish – is immersed in prayer throughout the entire school year.
•    Prayer Breakfast – WPA sets aside a Saturday morning to have breakfast together with staff, teachers, parents, and students and then pray over every class of students by name, every classroom and workspace.   Our administrator will usually have a short devotion on prayer.  We try to do this once a semester.
•    Prayer at the Flagpole – Each year we have a group of volunteer students who put up our flags and then pray for that day.  In addition, we also participate in the See You at the Pole which is a student-led prayer time in September.