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Service Outreach

In education circles it is no secret that colleges are looking for students who serve in their community.  WPA sees this a way we live in the character of Christ because He served His community, the poor, the outcast, and the oppressed.

Service Hours – We give service hours to our students for work done inside our school and also in our community.  Depending on the grade, we require a certain number of hours each year per grade. 
Father / Son Service Retreat – In 2018 we started this retreat during part of the Spring Break Weekat River Bend Camp & Retreat.  Fathers and sons work side-by-side on work projects, go on hikes on the camp property and Dinosaur Valley State Park, play games, story tell around the campfire, and have memory-making moments with Jesus in our devotion times.
Safety Patrol – We have students who serve on our morning and afternoon Safety Patrols and help our smaller students in and out of cars, watch for parents needing help closing car doors, and walk younger students into the building.
Morning Flag Duty – We have student volunteers put up our flags every morning and pray over our school day.