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Student Events

House System –Every student in the Junior High and High School is selected to be in a House.  Throughout the year these students eat lunch together, take up World Vision Sponsorship offerings, do special events, and work together.  You can really see the Houses in action at the Junior High & High School retreats! At the end of the year, the team with the most participation points wins the House Cup. 
Red House
White House
Blue House
Black House
Leadership Groups – These are high school students who meet with a mentor seeking to disciple them not just to be better leaders, but also to talk about difficult life events that challenge good character.
JH Bible Study – These Bible studies were started because our junior high students wanted more Bible in the month.  We talk about how the Bible, real life, and Christ-like character come together in Junior High living.
SYATP - See You at the Pole is a student-led prayer time in September.
Retreats – These are extremely special times for our students to step away from technology and the busyness of life to accomplish two things: 1) be challenged to deepen their walk and reliance on Jesus’ power and grace, 2) strengthen their relationships with other students and staff.

Junior High Retreat – This retreat takes place during the Spring Semester.  A retreat highlight is that 6th grade students are invited to attend and that first evening are placed in their House for the next year.  In 2018 we initiated the use of Lakeview Camp & Retreat Center, completing 2 service projects for the camp as a part of our time there.

High School Retreat – This retreat takes place during the Fall Semester.  There are numerous House competitions and purposeful times to bring our high schoolers closer together, challenging them to seek to allow Jesus’ power to work through them and their character throughout the school year. This retreat has been held yearly at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Camp & Conference Center.